If you read the Kindle DX reviews, its more or less a mixed bag.  Most people either embrace the idea or think it’s one of the stupider things technology has produced.  For those who have to buy the Kindle reader, it appears they have had an epiphany. This little device is beyond another gee whiz toy. It actually does what technology is supposed to do which is made our lives easier.      

Here are the best Kindle tips and tricks to take advantage of all this device has to offer.

On and Off-No more bookmarks, it automatically keeps your place.

Convenience-throw it in your tote and take off.  This is great if you want to find that perfect spot for a good read of if you spend a lot of time waiting…….appointments, kids, etc. Plus the Kindle store has 7000 eBooks that are free and this is growing everyday.

Clock-What time is it? Original Kindle use ALT+T, Kindle2 and Kindle DX -enter “@time” and hit enter in the search box.  You get both the date and time.  

Instant Audiobooks– a great app for the 2nd generation Kindle is a text reader that reads the book to you.  Choose female or male voices and also switch between listening and reading. This app is not supported by all publishers and is not as polished as the professionally done audios.

Quick Reference Guide to Shortcuts for Kindle DX-a few highlights

  •             Alt+B-bookmark a page
  •             Alt+F-go to next track
  •             Alt+Space Bar-Play background music
  •             Press Spacebar to start or stop playing audiobooks
  •             Shift-the UP arrow+ Symbol_the SYM key-Starts or Stops the Read To Me feature-text to speech. You can resume of pause TTS also by pressing the Spacebar
  •              Alt+Shift+G-takes a screenshot of the currently displayed screen.
  •              Alt+Shift+M -takes you to Minesweeper. To go to Gomuku, then press G
  •              Alt+Shift+O-In picture viewer, this saves the current picture as a screensaver.


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