Many snowboard manufacturers offer a mini trick snowboard. Most of the time these snowboards have been developed from the youth series that the company has to offer. The mini snowboards offer the snowboarders more maneuverability and versatility when it comes to their performance. With leading industry technology and materials, the mini snowboards can stand up to their full grown counterparts; however, some riders really do prefer the smaller version while at the park trying to turn those tricks.

That’s right. All of your top brands offer a trick board. Companies such as Burton, Rossignol and Capita offer the smaller design boards that work great for those days when you are at the park just trying to play around with all of the stunts and tricks that the elements at the park have to offer. The cost of these mini boards can be a lot less than that of their grown companions; however, you can still expect to pay around $150 to a little less than $300 for the mini boards, depending on the brand of course.

The smaller size of the mini boards allows the rider to perform tricks better. The boards are a lighter weight board than the full size boards. The mini boards are highly flexible and allow the rider to have versatility and more maneuverability in those tight spaces and turns. The mini boards offer the centered stance position, which allows the boarder to maintain balance better, to apply more pressure in the center of the board while on the rails and boxes and just overall gives the rider more control in the park setting.

The mini boards are usually a combination board that is designed for freestyle and freeride; however, you can still find the ones that offer the option of all mountains as well. You don’t have to just keep these little boards in the park; they can handle the powder as well. You have to remember that the mini boards are usually the youth version and kids too like the mountain.

So, if you are looking for that shorter, lighter weight snowboard that will help you to improve your maneuverability, then a mini snowboard is the way to go, especially for the snowboarding parks. They can help you to up your game and to shine above the competition. You may have a small board but the impact will be large. You will definitely command the attention when you are performing the best tricks of your life because you don’t have that added weight or the length of a normal snowboard to worry about. Your versatility and maneuverability will improve with the smaller snowboard and you will be able to make those tight turns and quick little flips and tricks that are sure to make you stand out among your competition. The smaller snowboard may take some time for you to get used to; however, once you have tried the smaller snowboard for playing in the park, you might not ever want to go back to its full grown companion.


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