In commercial real estate agency, the use of technology is now established and essential. There are so many different technology tools that can be used by property agents and property managers on a daily basis. That being said, it is remarkable how many salespeople overlook the advantages that technology provides. You still hear of salespeople that cannot get used to email or computer use.

Here are some tips regards the latest technology tools that are available to us:

  1. A database is perhaps the most obvious tool the commercial real estate agent should be utilizing. Some databases today provide exceptional levels of categorization and communication. This then makes it a lot easier to find the right people for the right type of property enquiry. If you are going to use a database for regular e-mail communication, it is important that you get the necessary approvals of the people concerned for the process to occur.
  2. Email communication and auto responders have simplified the way in which we can connect with our clients and prospects. The whole process is very easy; however the client or prospect can be swamped with too much irrelevant information. It is important that we go back to the fundamental fact that the client has approved our communications for the ongoing period.
  3. Checking emails on a regular basis can occur on a mobile phone. That being said, these emails can disrupt your thought patterns and regular commercial real estate activities. It pays to set some rules to the process of email response. In this way you will get more work done on a daily basis.
  4. The mobile phone makes it very convenient for regular contact with clients and prospects. It can however be quite disruptive to the normal business activities that should be done every day. It is best to systemize the use of your mobile phone so that it does not disrupt the other tasks and issues that must be done.
  5. The Internet and social marketing systems are tools of advantage if we choose to use them correctly. One of the most powerful tools to use in commercial real estate is that of a blog. Many property specialists maintain a regular blog of information specific to their location and property specialty. In this way the search engines see this person as a specialist and will rank them higher in search engine results. The blog process does require time and commitment on the part of the individual. The blog process is essentially free of cost with the exception of the time involved to write the blog posts. Writing three or four blogging posts a week is highly recommended.

As a commercial real estate agent you can do more in your business day using technology tools. Online cloud based storage will also protect your precious data. All of this allows you to get out into the marketplace and create more business opportunity.


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