How To Write Article For Blog Post


Article Writing Thinking 

Article Writing Format: Suppose You Have Knowledge About A Topic And You Want To Tell People About That. How You Can Do It ? How You Can Tell That All World Lets Do !
Many Times Article Writer And People Write Problem Or Suggestion Over Magazine And Their Blogs. They Always Write Their Option In The Form Of An A Article , Let’s Start To Write 


An Article Is A Group Of A Word For A Large Audience. Behind Of An Article Must Be A Specific Reason Or A Good Knowledge To Spread With World, It May Be A Topic For Interest Of The Writer Or It May Be Related To Some Issues Or May Can Some Information , The Topic Can Be Serious Or Not , Some Goes For It’s Tone Of Any Language.

Objectives Of Article Writing

An Article Is Written Of Following Objectives,

  • It’s Bring Out The topic Or The Matter 
  • The Article Main Goal Is Information On A Topic 
  • It’s Can Suggestion Of Pieces Of Advice 
  • The Article Discusses Various , Person, Location, Currently Issue , And Technology Development 

Tips To Remember   

  • Article Must Be Organized In A Proper Way So It Can Attract User
  • Head Part (Title Must be Valuable And Meaningful)
    Title Should Be Meaning Full
  • Body Part(The Main Part Of The Article,2-3 Paragraphs)
    Good vs Perfection
  • Patience:-Keep Patience While Writing A Content 

  • Article Length:- If You Are Trying To Rank Your Article As Soon As Possible In Google So Your Article Length Should Be 1000+ Words  In A Article So In Some Of Time You Will be See Your Item Get Rank Easily   

  • Good vs Perfection:- Your Old English Professor Is Not Looking Over Your Shoulder  Your Article Must be Simple And Readable For Visitor
  • Unique Article- Article Must Be Unique Don’t Copy Any Article 
  • Easy To Understand- Clear Writing And Good Phrases 
  • Set A Goal- Find A Goal To Write A Good Content 


ArticleContent Is King For An A Article So Keep in Mind That A Valuable Content Is Always Good For Making A Good Blog , Try To Make A Article Your Self And With Good Phrases , For Writing A Good Content Always Take lot Of Time So Don’t be In Hurry ,  You Must Have Specific Reason Behind A Article So We Can Write Many Of Word About That Article  


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